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Skilled Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Long-Term Care and Rehabilitation Centers
The Rossi Group is one of the leading behavioral health services organizations in nearly every county of New Jersey. Currently, licensed psychologists, licensed Advanced Practice Nurses, and a team of medical and behavioral experts are delivering carefully developed assessments and counseling to residents in almost 150 facilities. This unique blend of professionals allows for the best treatment to individuals suffering from medical and behavioral adjustment difficulties, depression, Alzheimerís Disease, anxiety, pain, etc. Residents suffering from Parkinsonís Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, hip fractures, amputations, spine injuries, and related medical complications are assisted with a specialized assessment and treatment program.
The Rossi Group performs as a full service entity by utilizing extremely well trained professionals in both the medical and mental health disciplines. The Group was founded in 1978 by Bart Rossi, Ph.D., a Diplomate in Clinical Psychology, who continues to oversee the growth and development of the organization. Dr. Rossiís especially well received in-service presentations on the Alzheimerís Disease Process, Depression, Dealing with Difficult Family Members, and Very Difficult/Problematic Residents, are now available on DVD and/or VHS. These in-services are presented at each facility by the professional (s) delivering the program. Special competency (capacity) evaluations are completed by the licensed psychologists, including Dr. Rossi.
All aspects of the Groupís delivery of services are monitored carefully by its own internal controls and programming to ensure HIPPA compliance, and total compliance with all Medicare and Medicaid regulations. Our services have proven to be critical with regard to each facilityís yearly state inspections. A new sophisticated billing system allows for immediate computer records for each session completed. This computer system makes it possible for every provider to minimize paper flow problems. Also, our billing system enables us to record all data prior to billing to ensure quality control. All records are kept and maintained properly.

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The Rossi Group is one of the leading behavioral health services organizations in nearly every county of New Jersey. Currently...
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